Modern Alpine design


Ecological building materials

The Chalet Alpenrose has been completely renovated considering special ecological and architectural aspects. For the interior design and the facade only high-quality materials from the region were used.
Both externally and internally, fibreC glass fiber reinforced concrete from Rieder was used.

Energy transition with concrete

The chalet sets new standards in terms of energy saving through the energy facade. The façade has undergone a complete thermal renovation: Rieder’s Bionics system (patent pending) uses the façade surface for thermal activation. Capillary tubes were inserted directly into the precast concrete parts in the atrium and the facade panels. This architectural approach integrates Bionics as part of the house and makes it visually disappear. Instead of a mere accumulation of technology, the renovation of the Chalet Alpenrose resulted in a holistic architecture integration.

Bionics is used in new buildings, upgrades or renovations. Applications include Facade Absorbers, Hybrid Panels, Photovoltaic Bionics, Wall Absorbers, Container Modules, Energy Fences and Thermo Lounges.